Satya Kaliki

Passionate about Data Science, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web, High Performance Computing and Social Media.

I am a Co-founder and VP of Engineering & Architecture at indix, a stealth mode startup, where we are using big data analytics to provide cloud-based market intelligence to everyone in a business, powered by some of the coolest technologies like Hadoop, MapReduce, Hbase, MongoDB, Java, Ruby, Objective-C ...

Most recently, I was a Co-Founder of ZANEC, an innovative software product development company, I was responsible for strategy, execution, R&D, business development, customer and partner relations and instrumental in building a multi-million $ business.

Prior to ZANEC, I was Chief Architect and Director of Product Development at iSOFT, a leading Healthcare Product Company. I was responsible for managing a $35 million product unit spanning product management, design and development of 20+ products to healthcare sector to 8000 customers in 27 countries.

Earlier I had a great time being part of some of the finest engineering teams at companies like NetScaler, Cisco Systems, HCL Technologies.

I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Royal Melbourne University of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia.