Scott M. Akers

Design Thinker, Tech Tinkerer, and Occasional Whiskey Drinker in the United States

I am a team leader, systems designer, and skilled advocate for technology adoption. Currently living in California, my interests range from running to mathematics.

I believe success comes through hard-work, design thinking, and better problem formulation. I get excited working with teams that are self-aware, goal-oriented, and capable of delivering exceptional value.

I do not compromise on principals, and will always seek solutions that maximize utility, improve organizational resilience, and encourage personal and professional excellence.

I believe in a global consciousness that respects and protects personal identity, puts human rights at the forefront of action, and builds systems that creates wealth for thoughtful and engaged contributors.

Things I love:
Flowcharts, Spreadsheets, huge data sets, difficult problems, complex systems, blockchains, systemic risk studies.

Working on:
A standard model of information theory, The Periodic Table of Information, Mathematical models for cryptographic identity management, and the intersection of philosophy and computer science in the age of quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence and the Cybernet. (ask me about it!)

  • Education
    • The University of Texas at Austin
    • University of the Pacific
    • Bella Vista High