Scott Kelley

Game Writer in Fort Benning South, Georgia

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Scott is a writer at heart. His work shows the human condition at its core. He strips down social norms and cultural influences and compares them in stark contrast to human nature. His work would be classified as tragic in many cases. The story doesn't always have a happy ending. More often than not, his characters come out a changed person than what they started in the beginning of the story.

Scott currently is working with Cold Furnace Studios as a part of the Game Writing team. Their debut release has a goal for the first quarter of 2018. For those gamers who enjoy a good storyline they should know that Cold Furnace brought in their writing team very early in the game development process. This makes all the difference in story weaving.

Scott has served in multiple front as a soldier. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, and Operation Enduring Freedom. He also served in South Korea just south of the DMZ as part of the yearly rotation there.

Now, he works in the Michigan National Guard.

"To all my brothers and sisters in uniform, slow your roll. 5's and 25's. Complacency Killls"

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