Scott Roberts Gingold

Business Advisor in USA

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Has your business lost its competitive edge? Are you facing business struggles that seem impossible to overcome? Is your business in a rut, and if so, why? Is it becoming tougher each day to motivate yourself and your staff? Do your goals seem unachievable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we need to talk, today!

My name is Scott Roberts Gingold and throughout my entrepreneurial career, I have built seven highly successful businesses and assisted many others to succeed. The next chapter of my life includes helping current business owners and those who wish to become entrepreneurs to achieve their own goals and overcome the obstacles preventing them from success. Some of my experience and expertise includes-

* Sales Strategy, Development, and Training

* vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) and IT Consulting

* Acting CEO

* Customer Service Evaluation and Training

* Coaching and Mentoring

* Mergers and Acquisitions

* Cybersecurity and IT Systems

I only work with people who take their goals seriously and are willing to put in the hard work and sacrifice needed to reach their objectives. I work quickly and don't waste time with fluff, theory, or hyperbole.

If you are ready to remove the stumbling blocks that are preventing you from victory, please contact me to learn how your tomorrow can and will be better than your today.

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