Scott W Fischer

Twin Cities, MN, USA

25+ years in the technology field, with core skills in Unix server and Oracle database performance, tuning and management, as well as wide-exposure and experience in defense, medical, internet search, and financial applications. I'm now the head of technology at the largest single location greenhouse and garden center in Minnesota and extremely happy to be part of this 3rd generation family owned business.

My goals in technology have always been about getting real work done and trying to eliminate the need to have ME in my position, that is, to just make stuff work the way it's supposed to and not need an expert technologist at every beck-and-call.

I focus on the big picture, the real goals an organization is trying to accomplish, and make connections between people, process, technology, history and future.

As an aspiring author, Catholic, nature photographer and geocaching enthusiast, there are an unending list of diversions that draw my interest. I consider myself an eclectic hobbyist and a holistic observer.

And I LOVE being a young grandfather.

  • Work
    • United Defense
  • Education
    • University of Minnesota