Sedra Olabi

Student and Teacher in Falls Church

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Hello! I am Sedra Olabi, and I am a sophomore studying Neuroscience as a major and (probably) minoring in Education. I love how the brain works, and I’ve found it fascinating to learn more about it at WM. Also, I have always enjoyed tutoring in high school and felt the desire to develop these skills and apply them to education later in my career.

I am multilingual (almost trilingual!) I am fluent in Arabic and English and currently learning Turkish for fun. I have a vast interest in other cultures, and Turkish is one of my favorite. I am originally from Syria, and I spent five years of my life in Egypt (and yes, I did visit the pyramids haha)

At William and Mary, I am primarily active with Muslim Student Association Club as the Religious Chair. In addition, First Generation or/and Low Income Club as the Programing and Event Chair. I enjoy both clubs because I found people I belong to. They are primarily the central community I have at WM.

I am a big cat lover! I have a cat whose name is Shams (Sun in Arabic.) I can talk non-stop about him! I love crocheting, reading, watching K-drama and anime, listening to K-pop, and generally love watching movies and shows.

I am very excited for all of you, and I am sure you will have a fantastic time here at W&M! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime (email [email protected]) Wishing you the best of luck!