Sharad Kharé

Director, Filmmaker, and Art Director in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Sharad Kharé - Digital Journalist, Legacy Documentarian

Over the last decade, legacy documentarian Sharad Kharé has been engaging with some of the world’s most interesting individuals in dialogue in regards to their digital legacy, personal legacy and living legacy.

His training as a live dialogue moderator and interviewer has allowed him to capture people like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Arianna Huffington, Susan Sarandon, Tim Draper, Steve Jurvetson, Jack & Suzy Welch, Chip Wilson and many more on his lens.

Sharad has been known to travel anywhere in the world that the story takes him, always in pursuit of new and exciting legacy projects to create. His signature interview style is to have a one-on-one dialogue that covers the person’s life journey from beginning to present, comfortably bringing out candid and interesting stories through conversation and unscripted interaction.

Sharad’s research in his communications master’s degree had a deep look at how legacy affects people in their period of greatness, strife, despair, and victory. His thesis focused on the relationship between personal legacy and digital legacy. The former involves the persona that one’s friends and family may know about them, while the latter refers to the persona created in the digital realm of social media and art.

As Sharad began working in the world of journalism and media, he has maintained his interest in where the two aspects of legacy intersect - a living legacy.

Sharad’s work can be seen here: and his corporate site here:

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