Chandini Ssasha

Chandini Ssasha has a unique experience in the film industry both on the creative side building considerable goodwill as an actress in India –to-also working on the business of films as a firm distributor. Selected as Miss Photogenic in the Miss India- world wide pageant in New York, she went on to star as the leading lady in films across various regions of India in diverse roles. Her earnest portrayal and sensitivity of the characters she played touched the hearts of audience across and earned here rave reviews from all leading media publications and garnered awards.

This wealth of experience she has is also based on a strong academic foundation of a Gold Medal for her Master's Degree and a Doctorate in marketing, making her among the few acknowledged actresses in the world with a Ph.D.

As an actress she has seen magic at the box office both as a lead actress in record breaking successful films that ran for almost a year in the regions of Kannada, Bhojpuri, Gujrat. She also recreated magic again at the box office as a film distributor for a leading Hollywood studio in India and used her smart film marketing and business acumen to successfully bring world cinema to theatres in India.

Her creative and business experience in the film industry opened a new road of opportunity of being selected to spearhead the first MBA programme in Media and Entertainment in India for the largest Film School of Asia.

She today holds the rare distinction of simultaneously holding various profiles in the film industry that of an Actress/ Distributor/ Academician.