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I wanted to let everyone know about this cool new store that sells shatter pen online in Canada that's really helped me with my anxiety.

Let's face it, life is chaotic and living in a big city like Vancouver, Canada has had its benefits for me, but I've also had anxiety from being in this very busy city.

While I've tried things like CBD, I've found the best relief from a disposable shatter pen from Magnolia Wellness.

After finding that these products work, I decided to just buy a pen that I can recharge and now buy 510 thread cartridges from their site. It's saved me a lot of money in the long run.

Just wanted to give pointers that I'm not giving any medical advice, but just giving my personal opinion.

If you want to get the same pens I use, just click the button above that takes you to their store.

The reason why I like to use these vape pens is because you can feel the effects really quickly. Edibles are just awful because they're usually indica, when it's a sativa that I'm looking for.

What I also found that works well for my anxiety is to use their FeelCBD Calm products because of the essential oils that come with it. However, those only work when my anxiety is quite low. If I'm reaching peak levels, I go for the shatter pens.

So if you're in Canada and you're looking for a great place to buy them, the link above will take you there.

I'm also a big fan of using my essential oil diffuser in order to get some natural scents in the air that are calming. Everyone loves lavender, but I prefer valerian.

In terms of Magnolia Wellness, they've got a 20% coupon code for your first order. I think it's MAGNOLIA20% so it gives you a big discount. I've signed up to their newsletter so I can get more discounts because rent and gas are stupid high in this city so you gotta save money whenever you can.

I started off by using the Evergreen disposable pens, but they no longer carry those. They were sometimes defective so they replaced them with Westcoast Silver Bullets and they always work.

However, after I found out that I was going to keep using these, I decided to buy their house brand pen (it was a bit cheaper than the VICE), and use their house brand cartridges. If they're ever sold out, I just buy Westcoast or Pure Pulls cartridges as they're all 510 thread so they're interchangeable.

I know it sounds a bit complicated but it's really easy once you get started vaping. Anyways, namaste to you all :)