Shezad Aibara

Software Engineer in Bengaluru, India

Shezad Aibara

Software Engineer in Bengaluru, India

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Ques: Hi, how are you?
Ans: I am Fine. Thank you.

Ques: Where are you?
Ans: I am in New Delhi, India

Ques: What have you been upto?
Ans: I am working for as a Sr Python developer

Ques: What are you doing there?
Ans:Basic task are:

  • Development and maintenance of the technical infrastructure of Rated Apartments.
  • Planning and decision making to help grow the feature set of rated apartments.
  • Leading and Mentoring the team of Junior Developers.

Ques: Whats your complete skill set?


  • Languages - Python, Php,
  • Frameworks - Django, Webapp2, Flask
  • Databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, NDB, MongoDB, Redis
  • Working Knowledge About - celery, rabbitmq, RESTful Services, GIT, AWS CloudSearch, AWS S3, GAE
  • Other - HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap

Ques: Whats your complete experience?
Ans: 5+ years and counting

Ques: How can I contact you?
Ans: You can email me at [email protected]

Ques: How would I describe myself in one line?
Ans: " I live my own but I die for others "

  • Work
  • Education
    • Master in Science (Computer Science)