Ship Transfer

Ship Transfer is a professional yacht transfer agency. We specialize in yacht delivery, assisted passages and boat relocations. We have a deep industry knowledge and an impressive track record, so you can be confident leaving the details to us. You can count on Ship Transfer to provide professional yacht delivery, passages, management and crew placement. With offices in both Europe and the USA. We are proud to say that our team leads the industry in providing all inclusive professional yachting service world wide. Our hands on experience has enabled us to develop a company that is focused on delivering our clients a wide range of services for yachts and boats. Our unique knowledge of the operational procedures and practices necessary for this industry brings our clients peace of mind in knowing that we will do the job right. We're not just a trading company looking to sell services on a margin. We are a maritime company, able to bring our personnels expertise and understanding to our customers. Whatever operational issues we are challenged with we can offer a service or a product-based solution that best meets each unique set of requirements. Where we are at our best and where we can offer maximum value to our clients, is when a customer has problem. We will work hard to understand the safest and most cost-effective way in which these problems can be addressed.