LOVE desires to AMBUSH--YOU! This may sound strange but it is really the truth.

You could say being AMBUSHED is someone or something suddenly overtaking a person by surprise.

I'm still awed at how my life became this HUGE awesome adventure that keeps getting better inside and outside. One of the greatest benefits is that being ambushed is for the sake of others too How? through the gifts that God has given me to let the world know about Him.

This was only the beginning! Love ambushes are for Eternity. How would you like to be cool and continually blessed to be a blessing? Did you know that you are the perfect answer that the people in your "world" are looking for, and even praying for--however they are yet to discover this fact?

Think about it. You can then finally KNOW the answer to that eternal question "Why am I here?" -- and tell others!

It's Beyond exciting...because you have a whole lot of living to do in a living Covenant with God through His Son Jesus Christ. I can now bring LIFE to a lost and dying neighborhood, school, workplace, family, friend, and perhaps even YOU!

How do I now all this? I was ambushed. Seriously. ForEVER. And I just went with it. It was one of the most awesome, loving, and comforting and life changing for my GOOD. Are you wondering how you can get AMBUSHED by God and His Love? Simply say this prayer:

"God I need you! I need you to really fix me and my life. Please come into my life Jesus and AMBUSH me with Your Love like Shirah is talking about! I want to know Jesus. I am sorry for what I've done to YOU, myself and others. Give me Peace Joy and Love that I've searched for all of my life and like Shirah I will live for you and tell others about you! " Amen.

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Message ME and let me know you are AMBUSHED!

JOHN 3:16

It's True!


Location: Jerusalem , Israel