Student in the United States

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i'm mika !! i'm a nb boy currently living in the united states. i use he/they pronouns and i'm a minor! (sixteen)

i'm mikaela shindou from ons !! i've already found yuu, asuramaru, lacus, and shinoa.

my id's are pidge gunderson/holt, mikleo (luzrov rulay), lev haiba, kirishima eijirou, and ritsu kageyama. please feel free to call me by any of their names, it makes me very happy!!

(i have other smaller kins that i'm not listing, please ask if you're curious!! i will always tell you if one of my unlisted kins conflicts with yours!!)

some of my favorite things are owari no seraph, voltron: legendary defender, boku no hero academia, steven universe, tales of zestiria, overwatch, haikyuu!!, mob psycho 100, and others!

i really enjoy reading, meteorology, astronomy, drawing, writing, etc

i get paranoid very easily, so please don't make fun of me, it makes me feel really horrible and it most often ruins my day. i also impulse delete posts very often, so keep that in mind !

(i will be pretty much completely absent from ig from 6am-3pm CST during weekdays)

please don't follow if you're anti-lgbt, or are planning to stalk me, or you're just overall a jerk. (usual byf criteria)

dm me "PLUS ULTRA!!" or a picture of smth from my favorite show(s) to follow !!