Irish Danielle

Irish Danielle Llanillo, turning a year older every 17th of September, Junior at the University of Perpetual Help System-DALTA Las Piñas, living in Manila for the rest of my life =))

yea, I’m stubborn, I’m craaaaazy as hell, almost a b*tch. my attitude’s unpredictable, and I sometimes don’t mind people. but I love a looooot, yea. haha, I really like giving hugs and make people feel better.

This tumblog was created once upon a time out of boredom. haha, I randomly post stuff here. I mostly reblog because I’m not really good at writing (although I’m a staff in the school paper. :p) and I mostly express myself through actions and words. :D

I play the guitar and sing when I’m bored. I dance for fun and competitions. I act different roles for plays. I do go out with my friends and have fun. I really enjoy the sun. I really don’t act my age because I still play like a boss child. I really do like to swim and be on my Karate uniform. I love tumblogging. I love Him and him. :D

I really don’t know how to draw, I suck at it. I often hurt people’s feelings because I’m a hell frank. I do say what I like all the time. I always make my sibs cry, haha. I suck at Math. I do hate some people.

I don’t smoke nor drink. I enjoy teenager life by running outside, playing with my sibs, going out with friends, and mostly spend my time on facebook and tumblr. I’m friendly, supeeeer. I don’t find it hard to make friends.

I'm a lass of fifteen summers, very young for the whole life of the world. I got to live this shit ass crazy world right now. I should be busy being born, not busy dying.

--Break the rules, stand apart, ignore your head, follow your heart.