Shirley Umamoto

When sales leaders at Insphere across the United States were asked who they wanted to learn the business from they chose a true professional, Shirley Umamoto. After all, she took her team to number one in the nation in 2010. In fact, Shirley Umamoto created a team that produced over $100 million dollars in business between 1994 and 2011 earning her and her very loyal teammates national recognition. Meanwhile the organized professional thrived on identifying changing trends, developed strategies and increased opportunities in the fast paced, ever-changing insurance industry. With her target market being the self-employed, individuals and families, Shirley Umamoto needed to maintain a sensitive approach by having the highest integrity and expert standards all while meeting strict deadlines. A conduit of positive energy, she trained and developed a spectacular sales team and brought them well into the new millennium.
Shirley Umamoto maximized her successful team by developing numerous sales categories beyond health insurance into memberships, and supplements. With ingenious ideas and creativity she set propelled above and beyond her competition. Setting goals for herself, she mentored her crew, while managing and problem solving as an industry leader. Maintaining lasting relationships with employees as well as customers speaks volumes about important traits and skills necessary for any evolving business. Shirley Umamoto has those traits as well as the natural ability to think on her feet while igniting others to act, and inspiring them to be the best agents possible.
Prior to Insphere, Shirley Umamoto worked in the electronics industry for over eight years where she analyzed and planned ways to ensure profitability as well as creating a unique team atmosphere. Electronic devices change faster than most industries. Forward thinking helped her uncover new ways to keep in step with fluctuating developments in order to maximize revenues. A management style imbued with relatable skills, her experience is second-to-none.

Shirley Umamoto is a true American success story - hard work combined with brilliance to spell out: Leadership.