Sivasankar (Shiva) Ponnambalam

My name is Sivasankar Ponnambalam and I go by Shiva. I am a Product Manager for iPhone at Apple. I recently graduated with an MBA from Johnson, Cornell University.

Last year, during my MBA, I interned at GE Capital as a Strategy Consultant identifying emerging trends in the digital media industry and investment opportunities for GE’s venture capital fund - Peacock Equity Fund, a $250MM fund. Working with the Peacock Equity Fund team, I learnt to discern hype from real value in the ever-changing landscape in cloud computing, social media, location-based services and gaming industries. I blog at (Not as regularly as I wish I could)

I have significant experience in the technology industry working across startups and Cisco Systems. I worked as a Software Engineer at Cisco in the Bay Area on one of the most widely deployed routing softwares in the world. I founded, managed and sold a mobile software startup specializing in targeted advertisements. I graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Kansas on a NASA fellowship.