Leonard Knight

Known as "Leo" by his friends; Leo first had a vision of Neighborhood Nerds in 2009 while helping friends with their technical issues. He quickly noticed a common dissatisfaction with service providers. The common complaint, high cost of service and the low level of delivery (the client wanted more for less). Many also complained about the ineffeciency of the technicians (the client had to spend time explaining the issues). Another complaint was poor service (the tech just couldn't fix the issue or they caused additional issues). Being an entrepreneur, Leo saw an opportunity for a new business.

Leo has a rich history with technology starting in High School where he was first introduced to a TRS-80 computer..and was immediately hooked. From there, he worked on various machines programming in BASIC, Pascal, Fortran, Assembly, C, and a few others. Leo entered UT Knoxville in 1987. While at UT, Leo had the opportunity to work with the first IBM personal computers, VAX systems, Iris Workstations, SPARC Workstations, and the first Macintosh computers.

After graduating from UT Knoxville with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Leo went to work for Allen-Bradley where he engineered, programmed, and installed industrial control systems. This allowed Leo to work with the latest technology in computers, communications, business systems, and gadgets of all sorts!

Later Leo diversified his portfolio while exercising his entrepreneurial spirit. He launched Russell Knight Properties in 1995 as the family's real-estate investing company. In 2000 he launched DBR Systems, an Industrial Automation company. In 2006 he launched Bright Software an business incubator specializing in Software solutions. In 2008 he launched Entrepreneurs of Knoxville to help others with their business startups. In 2011 Leo launched Taking IT Home in Sequoyah Hills, a neighborhood in Knoxville, TN.

Neighborhood Nerds (NN) is a residential tech support company with a huge focus on the customer relationship. The nerds have a real empathy for their clients and their issues with Technology. NN operates on a membership model where its competitors operate on a break-fix model. By setting up a shop in the middle of a neighborhood, using a membership model, and investing on the front-end, NN is able to bring VERY affordable service to its members.