Shoaib Ahmed

Global Services

You Can Contact me for the Following Services,


LAMP Server deployment and Management.

Nginx, php and MySQL deployment.

Sphinx Full Text Search Engine.

MySQL Administration, Optimization, Replication and Clustering.

APF Firewall, ClearOS SMB/ Enterprise Firewall, IP Tables (Customization), Fail2Ban.

Cpanel, Plesk (Management, Backup, Restore & Migration).

Port25's Power MTA, Postfix (MTA), Exim (MTA).

Linux Server Migration (from Cpanel, Plesk to VPS or Dedicated Server).

WHM Management & Domain Hosting Services Management.

Website Optimizaion with CDN ( Deployed Cloudflare CDN, Amazon Cloudfront ).


VMware Esxi Management.

Virtual Box.

VPS management.

Cloud Management.

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