shona tiger

shonatiger's kind of a strange name, isn't it? But it isn't even a name, actually; it's a nickname given to me by a very dear friend who died of leukemia some years ago:

shona for my ethnicity {part of it, anyway! I am part Manyika, part Zezuru, and at least half Lozi}

tiger for my alleged temper- which is just a nasty rumour, really.

{I guess he should have called me tigress, but he didn't, so there that is.}

I'm a Jesus girl. I'm a slasher by day: frequent physiotherapist / often creative / geeky-sciencey type person / occasional soapboxer. I'm founder and co-manager of igerszimbabwe over on Instagram, and self - appointed social media manager for my professional association. I sometimes design real world things. I take lots of photos. I am known to blog, here and there. I spend a lot of time retweeting things on Twitter. I read a lot, mostly scifi. I smile a whole lot, and laugh often. (My LOLs are real). I'm nuts about a few things; I war, and I love. I learn something new every single day. I can't ride a bike, climb trees, swim, or do hand stands- yet! But I do have a cat.

Thanks for reading!