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Shopybids is an auction site, which has as objective redefine the auctions and purchases on the internet. Users can enjoy a place totally innovative and unique.

ShopyBids is NOT a Gambling Site! (More info)

Shopybids has products with up to 80 %,85 %,90% and 95% discount.

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Shopybids has partnered with various distributors and manufacturers to ensure immediate shipment of all products. We take pride in giving optimal customer service to all our members. Our friendly customer support team are available 24 hours for your convenience.

Shopybids works in the same way as a conventional live auction where users place bids on items that they are interested in. Each bid costs only $0.60. Every time a new bid is placed no more than 20 seconds is added to the timer. This is similar to the auctioneer shouting "Going once, going twice, SOLD!" during a live auction! The auction is over when the timer hits zero, and the last user to place their bid wins! You never pay more than the price value for items on Shopybids!

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