A. Dawn Dawkins, PhD Candidate, MA, MCAP

Therapist, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in Orange City, Florida

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Hi I'm an Entrepreneur and PhD Candidate specializing in areas of Individual and Family Services who will help as a Counselor, Education, Clinical Interventions, Resumes/CV's, Training, Job/Skills, Business Development Management, Consulting, Social Services, Disability Aid, Social Services, Varios types of Evaluations to aid clinical judgment, which include Psychological Testing, Child Custody Matters, Public Speaking, Writing, Editing to serve Children, Adolescents, or Adults. State of Florida Department of Children and Families Licensed to treat Mental Health or Substance-Use/Addictions, as Outpatient private Treatment practioner. Inducted by Worldwide Who's Who in 6/2013 for Counseling Excellence, awarded Lifetime Membership. Honored for the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) 2013/14 Woman of Yr plus VIP member. Named 2013 of Yr, Continental Who's Who Pinnacle Professional, granted Honorary Inductee Member & Bristol Who's Who Member on 9/11/14 plus an Inclusion in Professional Executive Registry for pursuit of excellence, perseverance, and ascending the summit of professional accomplishment. In 12/2015, received Inclusion as Worldwide Publishing Top prestigious Female Executive for an outstanding dedication, professionalism, & excellence.

My mission and motto is to "Help with Heart and SOWL." I adore helping others see their manifestating their life goals, despite circumstances, and fulfill a life purpose of passion. We all have dreams aspired to achieve. I define the true measure of love as, "Do what is able, by using your hearts, for success and prosperity of all." I was on a School hiatus but for betterment of clients returned, an official PhD, Psychology Candidate. Prior to my time off for self-care, I earned four EdD course hrs in Organizational Development, and completed Dissertation Residency supervised by PhD & EdD Leaders to refresh business skills learned from my BBA, Pace University-NYC Campus. I earned 66 PsyD hrs, at Florida School of Professional Psychology in Tampa, FL, four Diagnostic Assessment terms Supervised by Licensed Psychologists. I'll complete PhD in latter 2016, choosing success for ability to aid who seeks improvement. I want to help you succeed, in every ethical way, like a team. Choose this family of #SOWL and become, whom dwells in your heart.

#ShoutOutWithLove™, peace and joy always! #SOWL ♥

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    • SOWL Counseling & Consulting
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    • Oral Roberts University
    • Pace University