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I was disturbed to read right now that the frogs from the Tasek Chini were no longer singing. They have virtually disappeared. This may possibly not seemed unusual to you, in reality, you may not have any concept exactly where Tasek Chini is . Immediately after all, it "was" a beautiful large mass of freshwater lake in the tropical forests of Malaysia. It "was" since it now no longer is lovely as it was, with pollution levels reportedly 56 times higher than is deemed healthful, and worse, this is appropriate inside the tropical jungle.

The frogs are not the only ones disappearing. The fishes, cobras, pythons are also diminishing in numbers. Weeds called the "Cat's Tail" have proliferated, snuffing out crucial sunlight that would permit organisms to grow.

This is worrying enough for some concrete action to be taken to revive the ecosystem. In retrospect, how can action be taken to safeguard the environment, or a delicate ecosystem such as Tasek Chini, or any other lake in the globe?

Here at Tasek Chini I read about the Sustainable Development Network or SUSDEN which is operating the Conserve Tasik Chini Campaign since August 2004, and these are remedial measures taken by the authorities and the Non Government organisations in concert to step the decline:

1. Gather and remove fallen trees and weeds that choke the lake

2. This riveting Spencer and Toby » Controlling Your Own Shower Drain Installation Project website has specific dynamite cautions for the purpose of this enterprise. Dig up more on our affiliated wiki - Navigate to this URL: Spencer and Toby » Prevent Leaks – Trickle Tester Products. reduce the pollution that comes from newly developed instruction camps for National Service that have been built close to the lake

three. reduce the industrial pollution from nearby oil palm estates that bring fertilisers and pesticides into the lake

four. To get additional information, please consider checking out: Reducing the total amount of solids and oil through Grease Traps. stop illegal logging activities near the lake

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