Shubham Bothara

Data Science Graduate Student in Chicago, Illinois

I am a Data Science graduate student at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago currently working as a Data Scientist at Groove Health, Chicago

Expertise in data analysis, machine learning, deep learning and statistical modeling using R and Python to implement data-driven strategies influencing the decision. I am well-versed in NoSQL and big data technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, MapReduce.

Passionate about deep learning, statistical modeling, big data, cloud computing, innovation, programming, natural language processing, and technology.

I am hardworking, logical, responsible, honest, dependable, patient and organized, with excellent technical skills and good intuition for deducing information. I love challenges. I seldom get worried or tense over matters.

Some of my most interesting project work includes:

- Opiate Addiction Prediction Model to identify patients likely to become high-prescribed Opiate users

- Model to Predict Crime based on socioeconomic and demographic data about a location

- Sentiment Analysis of Bank/Customer Interactions.

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  • Education
    • Illinois Institute of Technology
    • Maharashtra Institute of Technology