Shveta Ahuja

Bangalore, India.

I‘ve studied in 8 different schools, lived in 7 towns in India, and traveled to 7 countries – my parents served in the Indian Air Force for 35 years. I come from three generations of doctors, the first writer-type-thing that ventured out and survived.

I’m fiercely independent and drive my own car. Not an achievement in most countries, but in Bangalore, India, it is. If you can brave the traffic here you’re ready for the next Fast and Furious. Though there’s much more fury and very little ‘fast’ here.

From a point in my life where I had undergone 3 months of physiotherapy and was told I’ll have to wear knee-cap support all my life, to a year and a half after I started yoga, I’ve come a long way and shall be a certified yoga instructor by August 2015.

Drawn to the dark side, the darkness within loves dragons. I collect dragon figurines, thirst for dragon movies.

I’m a professionally trained DJ in electronic dance music and play Bollywood and UK bhangra as well.