Shyam Mohan Raman

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

I'm a geek by nature, spends a lot of time online on and Youtube. Interested in learning everything! but only for the first few days. Working hard to move out of that habit and settle down. An advantage my vice has put me in - I am familiar with anything and everything!

A Word Cloud of my interests and so called things I've dabbed my hands in -

- Learning new programming languages - Familiarizing myself with the popular software frameworks - Working on my grad school courses with a dedication to learn something I did not know before - look for opportunities to practice coding - Taking the activity of jotting down random ideas I think of, on to paper, very seriously.

Manage these academic goals and then find time to -

Go swimming regularly, if possible daily - Travel a lot to new places and travel often - make time to finish my blog drafts and post on blog regularly -

I'm proud of this trait of mine- I write a sort of diary, that I find solutions to issues through conversation. It slightly leans towards neurotic, but to me it's very useful and very effective. This probably classify as the most initimate revelation to end the "about me" section with.