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Maybe you encountered this post when looking for the "No access to Login router configuration" topic.

You can not access the configuration page of the router (eg speedport.ip or Sign In) with the Internet browser? You receive the message "Page can not be displayed"?

Follow Steps to Configure Your WiFi Router Settings using Go to Login via 192168ll.Co

Follow this step by step to narrow down the error:

1. Router and computer restart

Turn off your router for a few seconds, or disconnect it from the power outlet for a few seconds. Then, restart your computer.

2. Network settings

Please check the IP configuration of your computer first. To do this, go to "Windows / Start Button / Search" and enter the command "cmd". Use Windows 8 or 10 to go to "Search" and enter "cmd".

Confirm the command with the "Enter" key. In the following window, enter the command "ipconfig / all" and press "Enter". Now the IP configuration is displayed as follows:

If the line "Physical address" is only 00-00-00-00-00-00 or FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF, your network card is not installed correctly. The IP address of your router (Speedport series: Login To or Eumex 300 IP: must be shown in the lines "Standard gateway" and "DNS server".

If there is only 192.168.l.l, check the wiring of your PC with the router. If there are no errors in the wiring, please follow the steps below to activate the network card. If this does not work, reinstall your network card. If a different number of digits than the IP address of your router is under "Default gateway" and "DNS server", please check the TCP / IP settings as described below.

To verify that the network card is enabled in Windows 7:

• First, go to the Control Panel by clicking on the "Windows / Start button" in the lower-left corner, or by pressing the "Windows key" on your keyboard, then clicking on "System Control" in the right pane.

• If you have selected "Category" in the upper right of "Display", open the "Hardware and Sound" section.

• Select "Device Manager" from the category view in the upper right corner. In the "Large icons" or "Small icons" view, you will find the entry in the upper section under "G".

• Wait briefly until a new window opens, then either double-click "Network Adapter" or the white triangle on the left.

• Now you will see your network card. Right-click on their entry, then select the second option "Ena