Siddhesh Naik

Strategic Planner @ Ogilvy & Mather| OgilvyOne Worldwide, Mumbai.

Passionate cook

Amateur Drummer- Trinity Guildhall UK- Grade I

I was never supposed to work in advertising. I should have been a chef at a michelln star restaurant. This was my plan when I decided to pursue my Bachelors in Tourism and Hotel Management.

So where did it all go wrong?

During my postgraduate studies in Tourism, I stumbled upon advertising and 2 years in the industry I think this is one of the best decision's I have made.

Sometimes its best not to have a plan, have i followed my plan i would have never experienced the energetic world of advertising.

So as Jermey Bullmore (Former Chairman JWT) says, Follow what lights you up, Follow what you would do if you weren't paid to do and if you are lucky enough do get that sort of job you would be lucky than 95% of you mates.