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Hello, and welcome to my page. My name is Sandy, and I work at Signature Aluminum Canada. I have been in the aluminum manufacturing field for more than ten years, and I absolutely love it. During that time I have worked on anodized aluminum extrusions as well as many other aluminum fabrication profiles.

Aluminum extrusion and fabrication have advanced significantly over the past decade. Nowadays, you see presses that can produce fabricated aluminum at pressures that were not possible in the past. In addition, aluminum fabrication and the 80 20 extrusion process are advancing rapidly to meet demand from a number of industries such as the auto and space industries. Check out aluminum extruder on scribblemaps for details about the aluminum manufacturing.

Using anodized extruded aluminum is becoming more popular for a number of reasons. One of them is that it is lightweight and durable. That can help the aluminum manufacturer to produce lightweight products, so when it comes to auto, it means better fuel efficiency. Is it any wonder that more electric car makers are switching to full-body aluminum?

Making and extruding aluminum is a process that produces quality aluminium extrusion profiles as well as extruded aluminum t slot. Aluminum extrusion manufacturers are racing towards meeting the demand for high quality extruded aluminum products. You can learn more about our aluminum extrusion by visiting this page. Standard aluminum extrusions are becoming a more affordable and as a result demand for them is also increasing.

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