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Deidre was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, Vancouver Island. A creative creature with a most infectious smile. She is forever seeking, thirsty, hungry for knowledge and the good kind of trouble.

She is an admitted devourer of books, a practiced tarot reader and esoteric enthusiast, fierce animal lover, 100% equestrian junkie, crystal collector, survivor of and proud, loud activist for Lupus awareness, free-spirited, pocket-sized, witchy, music maniac and dance machine, full-blown yoga geek and educator and passionate student of life.

She is a promoter of good clean fun and positive vibes. In short, she can only be who she is and she works hard to keep it as real as she can at all times.

Her mission in life - to remind everyone else to do the same.

We live, We learn, We love - You rise, I rise, We rise