Simon Farres

Sys Admin and IT Generalist in England, UK

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An experienced IT Generalist who operates best at the interface of strategy and implimentation, turning best intentions into practical outcomes.

Demonstrable strengths in...

determining the best concept to build-with through strategic probing and iteration

testing the robustness and resilience of our ideas to ensure we build on sure foundations

translating our ideas into clear, communicable, actionable, and practical steps

leading the team and managing the project through to fruition

being both determined, focused and results driven, with a flexible, responsive and personable approach

stimulating progress by focusing on the end-user and involving them in the design so they ‘own’ it

adding value by delivering quality IT solutions and being prepared to experiment to get to the right result

delivering innovation today and being constantly ahead anticipating tomorrows technology news

building long-term results that endure the tests of time