Simona Scuri

Project Manager in Milan, Italy

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My name is Simona and I worked as Foreign Rights Manager at 24 ORE Cultura srl, a publishing house based in Milan. Now I am Project Manager at Skira Publishing, Milan. I like meeting people and being in the book and exhibition world.

I have many other interests too : first of all languages.

I speak French, Lombard, English, Italian and German.

I am the Coordinator for Lombardy at CSPL -Comitato Salvaguardia Patrimoni Linguistici- a committee who cares about local languages in danger of extinction.

I organise events and conferences, I do translation into Lombard (UNESCO ISO 639-3lmo) and promote lombard language throughtout the world in collaboration with the lombard linguist and musician Lissander Brasca.

I am also a folk dancer, actress and singer. I sing in different groups (from Medieval music to folk music) and I collaborate with many different musicians, such as Vincenzo Caglioti, an accordion player from Baraban, Mireille Benn, a singer who belonged to the French group Lyonesse, Gabriele Coltri, a famous piper of the group Calicanto, Roberto Carlotti accordion player, Organetti e Dintorni and many others.

I sing and act in musicals within the 'Gruppo Teatrale in Cammino'.

I have been a folk dance teacher and now I organize concerts and dance evenings.

I have been part of the artistic direction of the International Isola Folk Festival (Bg).

I have recorded a fairy tale in lombard language for the double CD 'Fiabe del Andersen, Grimm e Perrault en lengua lombarda' and a fairy tale CD for the radio broadcast RCS called 'Le favole di Folknights'. I have recorded the CD 'Filastrocche di casa mia' with nursery rhymes for the publishing house MottaJunior. As a singer I took part to different folk festivals and with Din delon I recorded two CDs.

With Din delon group I made many live concerts all around Europe for more than ten years. Now I mainly collaborate with Lissander Brasca who plays all kind of instruments.

In my spare time I like reading, talking to people, writing short stories in lombard language, and walking in the mountains.

My favourite food are : 'risotto' , 'polenta', 'oss bux', 'cotoleta', 'minestra' very tipical food from my region, Lombardy.

With Lissander Brasca I founded 'Far Lombard associazion per la Lengua Lombarda'. We have a YouTube channel (ParlarLombard) and we do plenty of activities for the revitalization of the Lombard Language.

We are the translators of 'Fliça' the first Graphic Novel in lombard language published by BookTribu.