Simona Sramko

Empowerment Coach in Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

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Welcome to my research!


I'm an empowerment coach for high-achieving women who feel unfulfilled and trapped in the wrong life. My mission is to help you get unstuck and break free so that you can wake up in the morning feeling excited about your life again.


For the research I'm conducting I'd love to connect with you if despite your achievements you:

- Feel unfulfilled, frustrated and broken inside

- Lost your passion for life and miss a sense of meaning and purpose

- Feel stuck in the wrong life not knowing what you really want


My aim is to better understand your pain points, needs and desires in order to craft a programme that will guide you, support you and empower you to get rid of the emotional junk you've been accumulating and make space for the fulfilled and passionate person you've always longed to be.


The interview will be held on skype and take app. 30 minutes. It's totally free of promotion - you won't be offered to buy any programme, coaching hours or a new pair of shoes. ;) I’ll gladly offer you a 30 minutes coaching session in exchange to give you valuable advice or actions you can take right now to help you get unstuck.

Thank you for scheduling an appointment. I look forward to connecting with you and finding out more about your story!

With love & appreciation