Simon Aston

Having worked in Hospitality for over 10 years my experience in the operations side of the industry is varied. My knowledge and enthusiasm for the job have made it possible for me to make the move into recruitment. This is a role that has pulled on all aspects of my skill base and in particular my tenancity, resiliance and great ability to maintain and grow client relationships with an objective of creating "turst based partnerships" to promote long term growth.

An Introduction to Aston Recruitment

'Working in Partnership' – that's exactly what we do ensuring that as an independent we successfully grow the business in Scotland.

Aston Recruitment believes in working in partnership with all business whether they are local or national organisations. We see ourselves as an extension of our clients' human resources department and this helps to ensure that they receive the best and most professional service available in today's marketplace. We are able to access candidates regardless of industry, location or level of seniority and as an independent consultancy we are able to give our clients a more personal approach to recruitment.

We also work in partnership with our candidates as it is a two way process to ensure that they are able to access the widest range of suitable opportunities. We respect their expectations and are firmly committed to ensuring that our candidates, where possible, gain employment where they are able to develop their professional skills to the highest level.

Aston Recruitment recruits primarily in the following disciplines:







We can also provide the following services:

Managed Agency


Advertising & Response Handling - All-in-house

Ability Testing

Personality Profiling

Assessment Centre & Design