Simon Damborg

Vancouver. BC

Simon “Thor” Damborg has had a long and arduous journey in becoming a competitive CrossFit athlete. Growing up, Simon enjoyed competing in several sports, the spectrum of which varied dramatically over the years. He excelled in volleyball and cross country as a child, which he attributes to his then extremely slender (see: “lanky”) physique. An avid high school rugby player, Simon felt his 6’2” 165lb frame needed some fortification in the gym to be more competitive. He spent his first year at the University of Victoria off the rugby field and in the weight room putting on muscle. Three years and 80lbs later, Simon didn’t have time to get back into rugby as he barely ever left the gym. At 245lbs, he’d certainly accomplished his goal to gain weight and strength.

During his final year at UVic, Simon was introduced to CrossFit, its training methods and ideology. Before ever setting foot in a box, he spent a year and a half doing his best to follow’s program in YMCA’s and GloboGyms, learning technique through YouTube videos and shrugging off perplexed looks from spectators on stairmasters. In 2009, Simon completed his level one CrossFit coaching certificate and joined his first official affiliate. He was immediately hooked by the camaraderie and competitive atmosphere that the CrossFit community provided and immediately began competing in CrossFit competitions of every type.

Now resting at around 200lbs, and more commonly referred to as “Thor” than Simon, he has beaten the PR’s of all his former selves: with more speed and endurance than the 165lb 18 year old, and more strength and power than the 245lb behemoth. Thor has found his fit.

Since getting his CrossFit certification in 2009 Thor has helped over 400 people from a variety of backgrounds find what fit means to them. He has coached at several facilities in the lower mainland, including the top performing CrossFit affiliate in Canada in 2012, Hybrid Athletics. He’s had great success working with clients of a variety of backgrounds and helping everything from soccer moms to high level Rugby teams increase their overall fitness and strength while simultaneously decreasing their bodyfat and any discomfort with their bodies.

Thor’s passion for fitness is infectious.

  • Work
    • Raincity Athletics
  • Education
    • CrossFit Level 1, NCCP Olympic Lifting Club Coach