Simon Edgerton

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Simon Edgerton

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I want to make a difference in life.

From a personal and community level; through to a corporate/national/international level, I want to make a change for the better. My whole career has centred on innovation, new business start-ups and microgeneration/renewables.

I'm passionate about the environment and the lasting effects that humanity can have on the planet. I aim to help minimise our impact through the delivery of innovative products, technologies and solutions.

I am an Award Winning, talented & entrepreneurial Project Manager/Sales Manager with a wealth of experience in the following sectors:-

Renewable Energy


Low Carbon Technology

Energy Efficiency

New Product Development

I am actively looking for my next challenge/opportunity.

A rewarding experience for me would be to have the responsibility to bring to life new ideas - nurturing and incubating these ideas through to living & breathing propositions that can truly make a difference.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or email me for a chat on all things green!


07816 952 912