Simon Newman

Worthing, West Sussex, England

My name is Simon Newman and I was born on the 25th August 1997. At present, I am 16 years of age and I am studying Physics, Maths and Software Development at Sussex Downs College (Lewes Campus). I have built a portfolio in my Software Dev course to showcase my work which can be found here!

I am very fond of programming and developing. Currently, I know a number of languages ranging from basic things using C++, to interactive web-pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The languages that I know are Python, HTML, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++ and LUA, which I mostly learnt through personal study. I can make simple programs in Python, C#, C++ and LUA(not much more complex than just printing the standard "Hello, World!" to the console) but a program none-the-less.

My hobby and primary pass time is gaming. I spend most of my time playing games on my PC because as we all know, PC processing power is far beyond that of any Current or Next-Gen console.

  • Work
    • Unemployed
  • Education
    • Durrington High School
    • Sussex Downs College