SimonPeter…over the years, has investigated and practised alternative cosmology throughout his life’s work as an actor, musician, writer, TV producer, teacher and father. His work and journey has taken him from the rainforests of the Antipodes to the lofty peaks of the Himalayas and down into the teeming super-cities of Asia and the Orient...

He has explored notions of God and spiritual purpose through the lens of mainstream Religious and New Age thought and practice. He has been immersed both as a teacher and student within a variety of faith movements: Catholicism, Anthroposophy; Theosophy; Islam, Javanese Metaphysics, the JW ‘s and a gaggle of hybrid alternative also-rans…

His dealings with Shamans and spirit channels and his own experiments with metaphysical work have opened up the profound and limitless possibilities of Life, the Universe and everything Else!

His work with visioning and dream manifestation has resulted in a storm of creative chaos that tends to follow him everywhere leading him up many a garden path. He does not support nor advocate any spiritual doctrine or way of life which dictates an exclusive, prescribed path to enlightenment, perfection and spiritual fulfillment or contains even the scent of dogma and fundamentalism in all and any of its expressed forms. "Follow your own spirit and enjoy the infinite changes of your unique and perfect existence," is his only mantra.

SimonPeter has published one previous book about his life, loves, travels and discoveries in the Far East,la! and is about to publish his first spiritual trilogy: The Meaning...The Message...and...The Master...which recount his explorations of the relationship between Self and God through interdimensional Metaphysics and his encounter with an ancient primal being.

He is an award winning performing artist including publisher and composer of children's music which may be best described as happy songs for happy children or just lovely pieces of music!

He is as close to “normal” as anyone may be and professes no extraordinary qualities, abilities nor characteristics…

He acknowledges and gives thanks for the inspiration and guidance of his greater God-self, the collective being to whom this work is dedicated and with whom all his journeys have been shared…

May you and yours journey well.

  • Work
    • Teacher-Artist-Writer
  • Education
    • Ba.Ed Post Grad. FTV