Greg Efstatheu

At Simplicity Mortgages we deliver our service with the recognition that our loyal clients are always the backbone of our success. Each and every day we are further indebted to our clients and for being given the opportunity to serve our clients' needs. Our philosophy for customer service delivery can be summed up in one sentence, "Perfection is our goal - excellence is tolerated". With surpassing customers' expectations as the heart of what we do, the relentless pursuit of professional development and personal improvement will form the backbone of what makes us the absolute best in the field. We will at all times remember that nothing worthwhile comes easy and that every failure is only a stepping stone for our next success. All steps forward will be made with the knowledge that failure is not an option and that being the industry's best is not merely the meeting of a goal but the fulfillment of our intended purpose. It is the destiny for which we must follow. Each year that passes will provide another opportunity to surpass our competitors by being a thinking team that always puts customers first. Our team is a client and employee focused group comprised of a dedicated team of professionals who consistently strive for continuous personal and professional improvement. With honesty, integrity, respect and a focus on continuous improvement, we work relentlessly on perfecting the mortgage origination process so we consistently exceed our client's expectations here at Simplicity Mortgages.