Simran Sampat

Debrecen, Hungary

A university student, studying Medicine, whose motto is 'to ignite a fire that brings about change', which is what I thrive to do.

With a heart of a true musician, I have been singing and playing piano since I was a little girl, and hope to release my own music someday. I am passionate about scuba diving as well, not to forget basketball and art. Wanting to help people and do something new everyday has led me to a wonderful opportunity in Online Model United Nations, and it constantly defies my parents' rules of 'Don't talk to strangers online', because I communicate with them everyday, and having the pleasure of meeting them in person reminds me of how wonderful 'strangers' are, online or in person.

My passions have opened doorways for me that I never knew possible, new and exciting opportunities of every kind, for which I am very grateful. Although, I have a dream. I wish to sing on stage, with a large audience. I want to express my passion through my voice and let people feel it in their hearts. The day this dream comes true, I shall have no more regrets.

  • Work
    • Online Model United Nations (O-MUN)
  • Education
    • Dubai Modern High School, Dubai
    • Dubai International Academy, Dubai
    • University of Debrecen, Hungary