Simsalabim Company

Simsalabim Company

Children are all about magic. From the moment they are created and all the way through childhood, they make wonders every day. They learn and play and ask a lot of questions we don't know the answers of. Children love the magic in life. They make up stories of worlds we've never heard of, they pretend they have supernatural powers and they live in a place where everything is possible.

Hats are magical in many stories. The wizard conjures bunnies out of his and on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry the hat tells which student who belong to which house.

When I was a child, back in the 70s, many children's greatest wish was to have a magic beanie. The magic beanie was nothing more than a reversible hat where the tassel on the top could be pulled through to the reversible side. This was an absolute fashion statement among pre-schoolers and sure it was magic!

Many years later when I became a mother and started to design hats for my own child, the magic of my childhood beanie came to life again. The brand Simsalabim was born and with the design and use of different buttons as decorations on the hats, I wish to send magic and endless imagination to every child wearing our hats.

Founder of Simsalabim Company