Sina Okhovat


My name is Sina Okhovat and I am a 6th semester student in the Marketing Management program at Seneca College; working towards the acheievement of an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration.

I am excited to be a student of Seneca and have the opportunity to work for Senecans through out the College. It has been a pleasure to work in various areas at Seneca College; such as the mentoring program (SMILE), Seneca Student Federation (SSF), and the Marketing Association of Seneca College (MASC).

I am without doubt genuine about my passion for helping people, and finding personalized solutions for their needs. As I am currently open for employment, I would be more than glad to be of assistance in any entity, for-profit or not-for-profit.

I am confident that my knowledge, expertise, and experience will be found a valualble asset in delivering solutions for clients/guests in any form of solution dedicated and client focused entity. As I put others before myself, and focus on finding and delivering unique alternatives, based on the situation, I would be dedicated to invest any amount of time to perfecting the client's experience.

Thus, providing me an employment opportunity would mean providing your cleints a unique catering of experiencial perfection. Keeping their business and loyalty focused on your company.