Siovhan Bolton

Siovhan Bolton

I come from deep roots, with a tradition of family, faith, and a strong current of enthusiasm for life.

Over the past seven years I've built experience as a TV journalist, working in markets across the country. I began my career at Brigham Young University, gaining experience and skills as part of the student newscast there, as well as frequent work on sports broadcasts for BYU TV and ESPN.

From there I put my education into practice in Eugene, Oregon. During my time there, I experienced frequent Breaking News, some of which sticks with me to this day. I vividly remember the day a police officer was shot and killed and I sat in the control room for hours, helping provide our viewers with minute-by-minute developments coming in from across the city.

After Eugene, I moved to Portland, Oregon to work for another station. It was in Portland that I honed many of the skills I'd learned during college and in my first market. It was also at this station I won three EMMY awards for breaking news coverage. This experience was invaluable in teaching me how to navigate breaking news, develop continuous coverage, and add finesse to a newscast.

Now, I live in Dallas working for a news station with an impressive legacy I hope to add to. The journalism I am immersed in daily, amazes me and pushes me to be a better producer today than I was yesterday.

Beyond the walls of the newsroom, I'm a 20-something half-American, half-Brit with a love for both sides of the pond. I'm a book nerd and a magazine junkie. I can't seem to kick the soda habit, and can never get enough Tex-Mex or french toast. I've never met a bright pink nail polish I didn't like. I'm the oldest child and my siblings are my closest friends. I miss the beach, need a little British chocolate daily, and love silly socks.

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