Sir Eric Seyram A.

Accra, Ghana

“I am a dreamer, with a big thinking mind, always learning to grow with an extra-large, compassionate heart that is all for you. I yearn to see you grow, stand out and shine to the world. Differentiate Your Self, Be Valuable and Live Your Life as a love story.”

Sir Eric Seyram A. is a strong believer in dreams no matter how small. He hopes to make a difference in the world by becoming a catalyst of change in his community, impacting positively on lives of young people.

He is a rising Social Entrepreneur, a Personal Branding Advocate and Coach, and a Marketing Communications Consultant.

Eric is a passionate Professional Speaker, Workshop and Seminar facilitator in the areas of Personal Branding, Corporate Reputation Management, Strategic Marketing Communications, SME Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship.

His mission and passion in life is to empower young people to succeed in their personal and professional lives through his personal branding coaching, human capital development facilitation and social enterprise work.

He founded Aimers Africa Ltd, a social enterprise that is committed to human capital development.
Professionals in supporting students to become aware of future opportunities, Experts in analysing learning and study styles of children, Partners for education guidance and advice for young people, Advocates and facilitators for vocational, technical and life skills development,

He is also the founder and CEO of Stardom Africa Ltd a Branding, Reputation Management and Public Relations firm committed to providing corporate organizations and individuals with unique ranges of services that creates profitable and competitive advantage for them. "We set out to turn products, services, organizations and individuals into incredible brands that drive passion and excitement generating a high level of loyalty beyond reason."

Eric fantasizes performing as a tenor to a large children and youth audience and says his self-actualization will be achieved if he is appreciated by youngsters as one of the people who have worked to make their lives better.

  • Work
    • Aimers Africa Ltd.
  • Education
    • London School of Business and Finance
    • The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
    • Zenith University College