Sunny Nguyen

Well not really, but one can imagine, can't they? Oh well. So I see you've got your hands on my profile. Well, hello there! How are you today? Did you wipe your shoes before entering? Yes? Excellent, then we shall begin.

How can I put this lightly...I am epic. I know a lot about buses and trains and public transport and computers and random general knowledge most people couldn't give two hoots about. Okay, so I'm more lame than epic, but we can just pretend I got the two mixed up.

I often go by 'cloudy'. I'm funny like that. I'm also the Knight of the Clouds, and the savior of the Hover-Cats. I'm also apparently Sir Stacks-a-Lot for reasons apparent.

If you're reading this to hire me, I assure you I am truly a good-natured person who is upfront about my work and will not rest until it is done as accurately as possible. I am very prompt, so you'll get things done.

If you're reading this as a friend or an acquaintance, I assure you I am truly a good natured person who will be a brilliant friend to you and your friends so long as you're not a Holden person. (I'm joking, we have a Cruze at home, but the Falcon is so much better than the Commodore). If you're any geek at all then you will have an awesome time with me. If not, you'll have an awesome time anyway but do be prepared to consult the dictionary one too many times.

I should stop talking. But give me a shout and say hi! Commend me on my awesomeness or laugh at me about how snobby I sound in this profile.