Sisir Potluri

Student and Volunteer in Troy, Michigan

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Hey there! I’m Sisir - a senior at Troy High School, only-child, Indian, and stubborn Leo. Yes, I’m stubborn.

That stubbornness lets me make it through all the roads I choose.

The road of academics. I chose to take five AP’s in my junior year, convinced that I could manage that load along with extracurriculars, standardized tests, and volunteer work. I knew that at the end of hardship would lie comfort and trekked forward to find it. It was done. All A’s. Five 5’s. I took another five AP’s in senior year. High Five. I’m stubborn for knowledge.

The road spent volunteering. The word “reserved” suits me. As an introvert, I focus on thinking instead of the expression of thought. Entering a universe of forced interaction, self-exploration, and honest hardship, I broke through my shell of silence. I realized that what’s in my head has no value unless it makes it outside - open to the expansion and criticism of the world. I’m stubborn for skill.

The road to my dream. I think we can all agree that setting aside eleven years of my life for one goal is a sharp decision. Despite all the rough terrain ahead, the road already feels like it’s shimmering with gold and sunshine. Why? The perfection of hospitals. The passion for life science. The pride of being a doctor. With these driving me forward, I will conquer the challenging road ahead and achieve my destiny. I’m stubborn for achievement.

Those are a couple of the roads I’ve chosen. Many await me. I’m ready.