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Until about 30 years ago, Columbia was a peaceful nation. Rebel organizations and the influence of drug production have changed that. Heres an overview of Columbia for tourists. Visit try to study why to see this viewpoint.

Overview of Columbia for Travelers

The Spanish first colonized Columbia in 1525. Full liberty was believed in 1813. In 18-19, Greater Columbia was formed including present day nations Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. This conglomeration dropped aside rapidly.

In 1978, political conflicts and corruption resulted in rebel groups using violent insurrection attempts. The main organizations were the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Democratic Alliance/M-19 and Colombia (FARC) (M-19). To study more, please take a glance at: learn about Those two agencies have subsequently pursued a civil war contrary to the authorities, often handling areas of the country. Since 2000, the rebel groups have lost much of their power and no major attacks have occurred.

Beginning in the late 1970s, the drug business became big in Columbia. Cartels created to manage production and became wealthy and powerful in the late 80s. Efforts by the government to control the cartels led to open massive corruption and violence. In the late 90s, the cartels were finally split up. Cocaine generation hasnt actually been effected, it is only handled by smaller, more subtle cartels.

The official name of the nation is Republic of Columbia. Columbia covers an area around 440,000 square miles and will be the fourth largest country in South America. The administrative centre is Bogot with a citizenry of just over 7 million people. Other major populace areas are the cities of Cartagena, Cali and Medellin. The ground in Columbia ranges from rugged hills to coast-line on the Pacific Ocean to flat grasslands. Temperatures are usually hot and damp with-the exception of cooler climates within the higher mountain areas. Visiting likely provides tips you should tell your friend.

Individuals of Columbia are generally known as Colombians. The total populace is just over 46 million with an expansion rate just under two percent annually. Roman Catholic is the dominant religious faith and Spanish will be the language. Literacy rates are 67 per