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The new Volvo C30 is a cool vehicle. A car that aims for a group of young singles, or couples, with an intense urban life-style.

These were the words provided out by Fredrik Arp. Arp is truly the president and the chief executive officer of Volvo Vehicles. And he is talking about the sporty Volvo C30. This splendid munger lifestyle web site has several lofty suggestions for the reason for it. The Volvo C30 looks sporty and performs like a sports car. Although it only holds two doors, it has got four seats in its interior. For additional information, we know you check out: discussion. To get different viewpoints, please consider glancing at: read. Even though the production of this car would be starting by the finish of this year, the Volvo C30 would be in fact sent out to the motoring public come the following year, 2007.

Arp additional expresses, These men and women (those who reside an intense urban life-style) prioritize excitement in design and driving characteristics, and this automobile is developed to suit their taste and life-style. Just like how Volvo V70 dashboard parts best fit all V70s, the Volvo C30 would be the vehicle for these who live the urban life to the fullest.

If you are interested to meet the Volvo C30 firsthand, you can rush to the Paris Motor Show which would be happening this December. Immediately after all, everyone would not be able to see just what sort of power and what sort of design this auto has. And being in a position to see it upfront and in the flesh would be something worth the extended wait.

According to Volvo, they are targeting a production of 65,000 units of the Volvo C30 in a year. They are also expecting a large quantity of buyers of this automobile to hail from the continent of Europe. Those who have currently set sight on the Volvo C30 concept car which was shown off at the Detroit Motor Show early this year would locate not a lot of modifications to the production version of the Volvo C30..