SlimQuick Pure Reviews

It's always nice when a company that markets a weight-loss supplement (SlimQuick Pure) talks about on their website the clinical studies regarding their product. It's also nice when they actually provide the data from said clinical trial...or at least a link.

And that is wear Slimquick Pure, market by Slimquick Laboratories, fails...and fails us a big and bright red flag regarding this weight-loss supplement; the moment you question the trustworthiness of a product (or rather, the company trying to sell it to you), you know you're money would be better spent on something else.

Allow me to repeat that:

Slimquick Laboratories, on its website, repeatedly cites a supposed clinical study, using it as proof that it's Slimquck Pure weight-loss supplement can triple your rate of weight loss over the course of thirteen weeks. Yet there is NO LINK to that full study and its data; hence it's impossible to verify the veracity of the study. In fact, the study does not even once mention the amount of the active ingredient that was used in the study. I don't know about you, but when I read this, I had warning bells blaring in my head.

Slimquick Laboratories is happy to publish a list of their product's ingredients, they just don't tell you which are active and worse- according to scientific studies, only one of their listed ingredients has actually been clinically proven to induce weigh loss.

So how does Slimquick Pure supposedly work? Well, with all those ingredients on the list (and with green tea extract being hailed as the queen bee of those weight-loss ingredients), Slimquick Laboratories claims that their product speeds up your metabolism, which thereby forces your body to burn more calories because your metabolism needs more fuel to maintain that heightened metabolic rate.

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