Som Bhatta


My formal moniker is Somashankar Bhattacharya, and is there any wonder why I abridge it the way I do? I am variously known as Bhatta, Som or even Mike. Depends on what one prefers. One thing alone is sure. No one ever calls me by my full formal name.

I do have a Linkedin profile but barely ever login there or maintain it. I am most active in Quora which is the primary base of my blogging activities, as well as on Twitter to an extent. I'm also there on Facebook, but that's more of just by the way.

So who am I really? I am a submicroscopic speck in the cosmos, just as my byline says. Cosmology fascinates me. It is the nearest thing that a very scientifically oriented, completely non religious but still spiritual person like me can identify with the larger scheme of things. Here I look out in sheer wonder towards the M42, Orion Nebula, also called "The Heart" for obvious reasons. It was hard to decide between this, the Hubble deep field and the "Pillars of Creation", but this finally won the day.

Compared to the bigger picture, we are all insignificant specks, but our egos prevent us from seeing this. It is the reason why I am thoroughly against all sorts of prejudices - racism, patriotic jingoism and misogyny in particular because these are three of the biggest visible memes across cultures. Senseless things, considering how insignificant we are ovrall. We might as well realise that any human has far more in common with any other than they have differences.

By birth and residence I am Indian, by choice a global citizen. I am an Engineering professional with a post graduate diploma in Business Managent, specialising in Finance and Marketing, but I have always worked on the operations side. I have worked with engineering automation and electronics, CNC machines and hi tech metal cutting, utilities and water management, technical and management training and have a long time involvement with the primary and secondary education sector in a strategic capacity. I am also a part time professor in operations stream subjects at XLRI Jamshedpur, which is also my alma mater.

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