Spencer Hunley

Kansas City, MO

HI! I'm Spencer Hunley, an autistic professional, open-source assistive technology enthusiast, and proud Linux user since 2008. My fascination with assistive technology began at the UMKC Institute for Human Development, where I led an initiative to utilize Linux-based operating systems on netbooks given to youth with disabilities to decrease cost and maximize accessibility.
Previously, I spoke about Android's accessibility at the 2011 Missouri PowerUP Conference, and also wrote an article discussing the importance of Linux-based assistive technology, featured in the Research to Practice in Self-Determination guide published by the National Training Initiative on Self-Determination and the Association of University Centers on Disabilities.
I also presented at LinuxCon 2013 and 2014, giving talks about including people with disabilities in the Linux community, how accessible and assistive technology would benefit from more Linux and open-source contributions, and how people with disabilities can be an asset for the Linux and open source communities.

I am currently a moderator for Universal Tux on Google+, and a board member of the Autism Society of the Heartland & ASAN's Kansas City chapter.

What I've been up to:

April 11th - Discussed my experience as an autistic individual, discussing passionate questions and self-advocacy to 8th graders at Northwest Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas: (http://www.slideshare.net/SpencerHunley/spencer-presentationforclassks-37978844)

June 28th - Spoke at a Newly Diagnosed Parent Training (Parents of newly diagnosed children) Seminar about growing up with autism. Organized by the Autism Society of the Heartland

July 17th - Interviewed in an article about the state of accessibility in Linux and open-source: (https://opensource.com/life/14/7/interview-spencer-hunley-linuxcon). Written by Rikki Endsley

August 20th - Presented at LinuxCon 2014 in Chicago about accessibility and assistive technology (Slides available here: